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Where can I get the morning after pill?

Where can I get the morning after pill?

Most people know that you can get the morning after pill from your GP, or you can buy it from your nearest pharmacy, but there are several more discreet and convenient places to get emergency contraception. 

What emergency contraception options are available?

There are three main types of emergency contraception available in Ireland:

  • Levonogestrel (generic Prevenelle or Norlevo): must be taken within three days after unprotected sex.
  • ellaOne: can be taken up to five days after unprotected sex and is thought to be more effective than Levonorgestrel 1500 if taken after the initial 24 hours have passed.
  • The copper coil (IUD): effective up to five days after sex and acts as a persistent contraceptive. However, it must be fitted by a trained medical professional.

How to get the morning after pill online

Lloyds Online Doctor is a safe and easy option when it comes to getting hold of the morning after pill. Simply complete a short consultation online and a doctor will review your information. If medically suitable, your order will be approved and made available to collect from your nearest pharmacy - on the same day!

This is a good option for women who need the morning after pill quickly and conveniently. It's also convenient for women who don't want to talk to a doctor or pharmacist face to face.

If you’ve recently had unprotected sex and would like to get the morning after pill online or to read some of our doctors' articles, click here to request the morning after pill.

Can you get the morning after pill over the counter?

If you want to get hold of the morning after pill quickly, you can go into most high street pharmacies and buy it over the counter. They typically offer both Levonorgestrel (sometimes known as Prevenelle or Norlevo) and ellaOne.

Alternative places to get the morning after pill

Family planning & sexual health clinics
These are clinics that cater specifically to contraception and sexual health issues. 

These types of clinic are the best place to go if you want to be fitted with the emergency IUD.

The main benefit to using these clinics is that you do not require an appointment and can simply walk in - although you may have to wait to be seen. On the downside, you may have to travel further from your home, and you will still need to speak with someone face to face.

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