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Product features

  • Can be taken within three days (72 hours) of unprotected sex 

  • Our doctors will advise on whether you need a single or double dose 

  • Same-day, in-pharmacy collection available Mon-Fri before 4pm 

About Levonorgestrel

  • What is Levonorgestrel and how does it work?

    This type of ECP contains the synthetic hormone, levonorgestrel which works to stop ovulation (that’s the release of an egg). This means that an egg and sperm can’t meet, and the egg can’t be fertilised.  

  • When to take Levonorgestrel

    Levonorgestrel can be taken within three days (72 hours) of unprotected sex, but the sooner you take it, the more effective it will be.

    If you request the morning after pill through our online consultation, our doctors will advise which pill is right for you.  

  • How effective is Levonorgestrel?

    If you take Levonorgestrel within 12 hours of unprotected sex, it can be 99% effective. If you take it within 72 hours, it’s 97% effective on average. So, the sooner you can take this ECP the better.

    For some women Levonorgestrel might be less effective, so they will be advised to take two tablets, instead of one.  

  • Taking two Levonorgestrel pills

    For most women, the recommended dose of Levonorgestrel is 1.5mg, but some women might have to take 3mg. This might because you weigh over 70kg, you have a BMI over 26 and/or your taking certain medications. Our doctors will let you know if this is the case, and prescribe you two tablets, instead of one.  

  • Are there any side effects to taking Levonorgestrel?

    Like with all treatments, some people might experience side effects. Some women might start to feel nauseous or have a headache. You might also notice some changes to your period, it could come early or late and be quite heavy.

    Please note if you’re sick within three hours of taking Levonorgestrel, you might need to take another tablet. We would recommend heading back to the pharmacy and discussing it with them, or calling your GP. 

  • Can Levonorgestrel fail?

    No form of contraception or emergency contraception is 100% effective, so there is a chance you could get pregnant.

    If your next period is more than seven days late, you should do a pregnancy test.

  • Can I take contraception after taking Levonorgestrel?

    If you forgot your normal contraceptive pill or didn't use the patch or vaginal ring correctly, you should take your routine contraceptive pill, insert a new ring or apply a new patch within 12 hours of taking Levonorgestrel.

    You should also use additional contraception (e.g. condoms): 

    • For seven days if you’re using the patch, the ring and the combined pill (nine days for Qlaira) 
    • For two days with the progestogen-only pill (often called the mini pill). 
  • Alternatives to Levonorgestrel

    If you’re not suitable for Levonorgestrel our doctors may advise you take ellaOne.

    The only other alternative is the copper intrauterine device, which is the most effective form of emergency contraception and must be fitted by a clinician. This could be done at your GP surgery or local sexual health clinic.  

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