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Product features

  • Applied weekly

  • Not affected by stomach upset

  • Needs blood pressure, height and weight measurements

About Evra patch

  • How do I use Evra?

    A new Evra patch should be placed on a clear area of skin every seven days for a period 21 days, followed by a seven day patch-free break. You should experience a withdrawal bleed much like a period during your patch-free week, but you must start your new patch cycle after the seven-day break, even if you are still bleeding.  

    If you forget to take your patch off, or if the patch becomes dislodged early, consult the patient information leaflet provided with the medication.

  • How long does Evra take to work?

    If you start using the patch on the first day of your period, you will be protected against pregnancy straight away. If you take it any later, you need to be sure you could not already be pregnant and use condoms for at least seven days until Evra starts to work.

  • How effective is Evra?

    Evra is 99% effective when used correctly.

  • What are the side effects of Evra patch?

    Some of the more common side effects associated with Evra may include: nausea, headaches, mood swings and breast tenderness. If you have any concerns or persistent side effects please consult a doctor.

    If you experience any severe or serious side effects please contact your nearest emergency department for urgent medical attention.

    Please carefully read the patient information leaflet accompanying the medication, which provides a full list of side effects and serious signs to look out for, before applying the patch.

  • Can I take other medicines with Evra patch?

    Certain medications and herbal remedies can reduce the effectiveness of your patch. If you start taking any prescription or non-prescription medications while using the patch then contact us via your Patient Record. Alternatively, your own doctor should be able to give you guidance.

  • Why do you need my blood pressure, height and weight measurements?

    Our doctors want to make sure Evra patch is right for you. For some people, the combined pill, patch or ring can raise blood pressure, which can increase the risk of blood clots, heart attacks, and strokes.

    If it's not safe, our doctors won't be able to prescribe Evra patch, but they will provide you with advice on alternatives.

  • What happens if I am not suitable for Evra patch?

    If our clinicians think that an online consultation is not appropriate we will let you know via your Patient Record and refund you straight away. Please note that refunds take up to five working days to appear on your statement.

  • Reordering Evra patch

    If you’d like to reorder Evra patch, you can go to your Patient Record and select ‘reorder’.

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